​​Working with local communities and stakeholders to provide humanitarian aid for people in conflict-affected areas.​​

Who We Are

Responsiveness for Relief and Development (RRD) is a non-governmental organization that aims to contribute effectively in reducing human sufferings in Yemen.

RRD works with local communities and stakeholders to provide humanitarian aid for people in conflict-affected areas. It also works with partners to mitigate instability factors in Yemen by implementing confidence building and co-existence programs.

RRD takes into consideration the lack of data related to displaced and non-displaced conflict affected population, therefore it plans to develop need assessment tools that will be used in collecting solid information and building a reliable database that will serve as a resource to government and non-government bodies.

RRD's success-formula is that it was founded by a group of experts who are passionate, motivated and have the initiative to implement programs effectively and efficiently.

Work with local communities to end conflicts, improve health services, support education, and alleviate poverty.

​A civilized and cohesive community inspired by peace, tolerance and prosperity
1. Reduce the suffering of people affected by conflicts and disasters.

2. Develop systems that provide high quality and reliable data related to the humanitarian aid and development process.

3. Enhance Government response to the marginalized groups’ and community needs.

4. Raise awareness of civil society to participate effectively and positively in the democratic and development processes.
Impartiality: RRD is a non-partisan organization and is non-affiliated to any religious or regional groups.

Empowerment: RRD strives to develop people's capacity and confidence to play an effective role in Yemen’s stability.

Cooperation and partnership: RRD believes that partnership is a major key in success.

Integrity: RRD is committed to meet transparency and reliability standards including mutual trust and respect of privacy and confidential information of the partners and beneficiaries. Third party evaluators and external auditors’ reports will always be available and readily accessed.
Targeted Beneficiaries
​242, 610

Health & Nutrition

Male: 22,575

Female: 39,386


Male: 25,482

Female: 27,526

Capacity Building

Male: 143

Female: 251


Male: 55,810

Female: 61,220

Food & NFIs

Male: 2,492

Female: 4,225

Cash for Work

Male: 1,785

Female: 1,715